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     Nick Lopez is a visual artist whose work fuses contemporary design, psychedelic, queer, horror, & romantic elements to create a distinct and unique style..

     Nicks images have always featured heavy use of bright bold color, thick black lines, and are produced in an array of different mediums. Often times he will use a combination of products, textures, and tools to get the final result. He considers his body of work slightly excessive with a mixture of playful absurdity; each line and color swash is full of energy, attitude, and stories of life's diversity. 

His early works were featured prominently at nightclub & underground parties as backdrop, flyer, & atmosphere decor. They have expanded into clothing, murals, set design, hotel amenities, album art, and more.


" The world is a heavy place, but my art seeks to examine the lightness and free-spirited side of life while giving nods to awkward truths, outside influences, and pop culture.  "

Nick currently resides in Austin, TX.




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