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AbouT The Artist:


With a distinct and unique style that fuses contemporary design with surreal pop, queer, horror, and romantic elements, the art of Nick Lopez dances on the edge of imagination, inviting you to embrace the vibrant tapestry of life's diversity.


Bright and colorful hues accented by black line work become the essence of the stories he seeks to tell—tales that traverse the spectrum of emotions and celebrate the multifaceted nature of existence.  Each line is a whispered tale of resilience, celebrating the rich mosaic of human existence, where stories of triumph, struggle, love, and everything in between intertwine.

With each creation, he aims to challenge conventions and provoke thought, inviting the whimsical to coexist with the macabre, the playful to intertwine with the eerie, and the light to dance with the darkness. Nick's art world is where where awkward truths find solace and where pop culture serves as both muse and mirror.

His early works were featured prominently at rave, nightclub, & underground parties as backdrop, flyer, & atmosphere decor. They have expanded into clothing, murals, set design, hotel VIP amenities, album art, and more.

Nick currently resides in Austin, TX.




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